Building Sustainable Development in Haiti Through Agricultural Training

1st Semester Commences

Yes, that’s right!

The first semester of our Ecole d’Agriculture La Gonave has commenced today, February 1st, with an initial 7 qualified & motivated students in attendance.  We anticipate another 20 will start in September.

The photo of fried chicken legs may have served to catch your attention, but there was a deeper meaning behind its’ use.  Several of the students are already planning to develop a business case for raising and selling fresh chickens locally (normally imported frozen) as part of our program. This underscores our plan for the school and its’ curriculum, to be focused on Agronomics (the business of agriculture) and to ultimately create jobs. The entrepreneurial spirit is apparently alive in Haiti!

Other applied subjects being taught this semester include English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Field Study & Christian Business Ethics.