Building Sustainable Development in Haiti Through Agricultural Training

About LimeAid

Poverty alleviation through Education, that’s it but with a twist.

cycle-fullThe twist is that we plan to have the college be financially self-sufficient within 5 years! No more reliance on Canadian donors!!!

  • Students will be required to work on the pilot/ test farm & with local farmers to generate revenue for the school while they are there
  • The application process, curriculum and the school’s teachers will stress business management and entrepreneurship
  • Graduates will be required to start agri-businesses once they graduate (in fact, this may become a requirement to graduate, but details need to be worked out)

The LimeAid approach could be described more simply as a cycle, with the Educate, Empower, Sustain phases.  LimeAid is just setting the wheel in motion with Haitians for Haitians, that once moving forward will create jobs and future graduates, improve productivity of existing local farmers and ultimately change a culture currently based on dependence and entitlement to independence, innovation and industry.

LimeAid was incorporated in 2014, and granted charitable status by the Canada Revenue Agency on January 15th, 2015.