Building Sustainable Development in Haiti Through Agricultural Training

About The Founders


Don Fletcher


Energetic. Open & direct. Team player.

Derived from his 40-year successful, executive business experience in hi-tech, initiated with a post-graduate degree in Applied Mathematics, Don knows the importance of education.  LimeAid embodies Don’s focus and passion for “poverty alleviation through education”, just as teaching “Managing our Finance’s – God’s Way” in his local church does.

Simon Stenekes


Compassionate. Action-oriented. Visionary.

Simon has been an independent businessman for 45 years who has been involved extensively in international development in Latin America. His heart went out to the Haitians after the earthquake of 2010 and he has invested heavily in education there ever since. LimeAid has evolved from this involvement to empower Haitians in agriculture business so as to provide sustainability.

Compelled by Love

Compelled by their love of Jesus Christ and His command to love others, Simon and Don caught a vision of a brighter future for the Haitian people on the Ile de la Gonave by building and operating an agricultural vocational school with a test/pilot farm.

As a faith-based organization, Simon and Don plan to model & promote Christian faith and values as part of the school’s operations.

Simon and Don strongly believe that classroom education is necessary but insufficient to prepare these students for successful careers in agriculture in Haiti. Application and experimentation in the field and in the community are essential to completing students’ vocational training and create a sustainable agricultural model with the local farmers. This ‘learning by doing’ methodology will connect the students & staff of the vocational school with the community, empower local farmers with current knowledge & the use of the school’s laboratory technology, sharpen their ability to make informed decisions about their own crops & animals, and help them to organize themselves and their communities.