Building Sustainable Development in Haiti Through Agricultural Training

The Plan

Operational Forecast

The first two years’ financial requirements are significant, because they include capital items such as land, building construction, well digging, laboratory and farm equipment. We are seeking opportunities to rent classroom space and land, rather than buy and build immediately, as a low-cost entry approach.

Goods and services that can be provided from the pilot/test farm and marketed by the school (such as lime concentrate and goat milk soap) will be investigated by the students as part of the business curriculum, and our plan is for the school to become financially self-sufficient by the 5th year.


The financial forecast under the assumption that we can rent classroom space and land can be depicted as follows:


The breakdown of expenses from the 5-year Financial Forecast is as follows:



Note that 85% of the expenses will be incurred in Haiti, and that the largest expense incurred outside of Haiti is travel, which we believe will be necessary to provide Canadian management oversight to the overall initiative.

2015/2016 activities

  • Hire the College Principal
  • Secure rented facility in or near the community of Anse-à-Galets on Île de la Gonâve
  • Contract teachers to develop detailed 1st year course materials, and hire teachers for first year
  • Construct classrooms, dig well, install solar energy system and construct animal shelter/waste management system for school and pilot/test farm
  • Purchase laboratory and farm equipment
  • Purchase seed/grafting roots and goats (imported for breeding)
  • Interview and screen student applicants
  • Commence classes

Planning for Site Development is Underway

LimeAid is seeking opportunities to rent classroom space and land in this facility as a low-cost entry approach.




These diagrams were prepared by students at the University of Guelph to demonstrate ideal specifications and requirements for an 8 to 10 acre pilot/test farm.

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