Building Sustainable Development in Haiti Through Agricultural Training

Your Invitation

Why partner with LimeAid?

We have experience working in Haiti: LimeAid has grown out of our existing work on the Île de la Gonâve. Through Haiti Christian Schools we have helped to develop four schools since 2010 that are educating 350 elementary and 100 secondary students.

We are addressing a critical gap in education: Based on our work with students in Haiti, we have identified a lack of vocational training on Île de la Gonâve. Elementary and secondary students have big dreams but no way of getting the education they need to succeed in the business environment. We believe vocational training in agriculture provides students with an achievable path to future employment and timely poverty alleviation.

We’re committed to long-term sustainability: An integral part of this project is the pilot/test farm, which will provide an opportunity to test classroom theory and will provide a sustainable revenue stream when the produce, animals or value-added products are sold at the market or exported.

We multiply impact through partnerships: LimeAid is pleased to be working with the University of Guelph, and in particular Professor Elliott Currie, to help develop curriculum and determine the commercial crops that can thrive on Île de la Gonâve.

We are building local commitment: All activities will be performed by Haitians, for Haitians, in and around the village of Anse-à-Galets on the Île de la Gonâve with the exception of management, marketing of products to North American markets and fundraising, which will reside in Canada.

How you can be involved?

You have an opportunity to partner with LimeAid to help launch and operate the agricultural college that will provide a future for young people in Haiti. Please consider a gift to help raise $258,000 to underwrite the first year of operation of the college and provide such things as:

  • Goats, tools, fertilizer and seed needed to establish the test farm.
  • Furnishings, equipment and materials for a college laboratory or classroom.
  • Salaries and expenses for the college staff and faculty.

Contact us to learn how you can become involved.

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