Building Sustainable Development in Haiti Through Agricultural Training

School Principal Joins Work


We’re delighted to announce that Josue (pronounced ‘jo sway’) Louis, has begun the work of implementing the Faculty of Agronomics, a department of the Wesleyan University Of Haiti, as our Principal.  Josue comes to us from Cap-Haitien where he was a teacher, having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Agronomy from the North Christian University of Haiti, with the additional expectation of graduating as a lawyer from the University of Haiti’s Faculty of Law & Economic Sciences (part-time) in Gonaives in 2017.  Curiously enough, Josue also worked as a research assistant with the University of Guelph in 2013/14 on a food security project in Limonade, Haiti.  Mr LJosue3ouis is fluent in French, Kreyol and English, and we have found him to be a man of good character with a genuine passion to help those disadvantaged in Haiti.

Josue’s top priorities will be 1st year curriculum development, student applicant screening, school certification with the Department of Education, pilot/ test farm preparation and teaching staff recruitment. We are confident that he will excel in this pivotal leadership role in partnership with us at LimeAid.  Welcome Josue!